Update for June

A new update of Aquacom is published Sunday evening 20.06.21


Report functions

  • Enable custom reports
  • Tailor own reports
  • Contact Aquacom Support to enable reports


Document library

  • Standard users now also have access to the document library
  • The default user only has read access
  • It also made some improvements in tracking where the document is linked up



  • Cages have been given a new field for internal ID
  • Internal ID is now displayed in overviews


Overview work orders

  • Can filter on corrective WO
  • Search for WO ID


Equipment in cages

  • Operating equipment that has been put out in cages will show the cage numbering in the overview of operating equipment
  • Special products that have been put out in cages will show the cage numbering in the overview of special products.


Set as fallow / inactive inspections on all modules

  • For example. put a vessel or barge as inactive in the same way as a fallow for Offshore sites
  • All inspections related to “Operational” status will then be deactivated on the unit


Interactive map

  • Display for active work orders for map element
    • In the same way that the expiry date on mooring components is displayed as a color code on the map elements (Mooring, cage, etc.), one can now choose to show which elements are associated with work orders.
    • The color code then shows the status of the work order in relation to the planned date
  • On each map element you can see the history of work orders
  • It is now possible to create a work order directly from a map element in the same way as an event and deviation




Only use corrective work orders

  • The customer can now choose to only use corrective WO – Deviation registration is then removed
  • All deviations become corrective WO
  • When you create a WO from a checklist and an WO already exists for the same error, you can link this to the existing WO


Job type on work orders

  • Each company can specify its job types on WO
  • Each job type can specify its type of error and cause of error
  • New choice for “improvement” as WO type



  • Inspections that do not have a checklist are now displayed as 100% completed when completed
  • Filter on inspection types
  • Better overview of additional fields on checklist templates
  • Better translation on English mail reports
  • Discarded equipment is not included in Excel exports of operating equipment
  • Optimized some pages for faster loading
  • Search for deviation ID