Planned update for May

The update is currently scheduled for May 19. with the following changes.


Operating equipment – Deviations:
– Can choose to link the deviation to other equipment at the site, possibly another category.

Work order and deviations:
– Better display of associated equipment with serial number

Inspection – Intervals / Next inspection:
– Fixed (floating interval) & Floating (floating interval) on inspection.
– All types of inspections can now be specified as fixed or floating. This affects how the next inspection is calculated.
– By default, all inspections are set up as floating.
– By using a fixed interval, the inspection will come on the same date, regardless of when the last inspection was performed. (Eg. the 1st of each month, every Monday, etc.)

Work order:
– Work orders that have been performed are displayed in the calendar on the performed date and not the date that was scheduled.

– Added filtering on ‘certificate’ on all modules in from the Dashboard.
– Aquacom ‘remembers’ filtering on the search filter on Offshore barges and vessels.

Menu -> Administration -> Locations:
– Choice of filtering on fallow sites for a better overview.


New items for update in May:
– The company’s own ID on cages
– The company’s own ID on anchorlines, grid, etc.
– ID number of each work order
– Location name of work order in calendar view from the overview of all work orders.
– Send special product to storage
– Standard selection of participants / must be notified of work order and deviations. Set from locality / unit.
– Work order can be created from map element


Items subject to update in June:
– Open work orders can be shown in map – Number of deviations per. map element
– Mooring components that have a certificate attached from the “Mooring Components Library” will also show the actual certificate / batch number.