Update in March


  • Calendar
    • Grouping by inspection type
  • Cages overview
    • Multiple fields and dynamic fields in list view
  • Offshore inspection
    • Additional field
    • Limit values ​​for additional fields
  • Create work order from equipment
  • Various changes and corrections


The update is scheduled for April 6


Quality Deviation:

  • In the overview image of ‘Deviations’, there has been an improvement with filtering of deviations. Now it can also be filtered by subcategory.


Calendar – Inspection groups:

  • You can now group inspection types in the calendar.
    • The groups are administered under Inspection types from “Inspection Offshore” and “Operating equipment”.


  • In the cages overview – the same solution has been implemented as in the net overview – with dynamic columns and filters:

Offshore inspection:

  • Opportunities have been added to add additional fields to ‘General checklists’ as well.
  • This is implemented the same way as it is on operating equipment.
  • Examples of additional fields can be temperature, dead fish, flow, pH, etc.

Limit values ​​for additional fields:

  • It is now possible to set limit values ​​for the various additional fields in a checklist
  • The purpose of this isto inform the user if the values ​​in the additional fields are outside the limit values.

Operating equipment – Work order:

  • It is now possible to create work orders directly from operating equipment.
  • The equipment is automatically connected to the work order


Various changes and corrections:

  • Change / improvement is made so that Aquacom ‘remembers’ filtering that is active.
  • Operating equipment:
    • It is now possible to print completed checklists to PDF.
  • Manual inspection
    • It will now be possible to start general inspections of sites manually. This is similar to what was previously on Offshore inspection before.
    • Manual inspection types must first be created, when inspections are to be performed, one must choose from existing inspection types.


Contact Aquacom Support for a presentation of new features or if there are any questions about the update.

support@aquacom.no / +47 474 84 80