Update December 2020



  • Mooring
  • Nets
  • Cages and nets
  • Map


  • Work order


  • Quality ‘Book’
  • Deviation


  • Notification on certificate
  • Operating equipment
  • Translation




A change has been made so that ‘Standard’ users in Aquacom can not edit or add moorings.

  • ‘Superuser’ can edit moorings
  • ‘Manager’ and ‘Middle Manager’ still have the same rights



At the nets overview we have added show / hide columns.

More filters: You can select ‘Measured breaking strength’ and ‘Measured circumference’, among others…

  • User can select columns to be displayed in the list
  • User can select filter to be displayed


Cages and Nets:

Some adjustments have been made in the ‘Cages and Nets’ tab:

  • On Grid, a symbol has been added that shows the number of operating equipment and special products deployed in sea
  • Deviations can now be created directly on cages and nets
    • Note! Only applies to customers with the Quality Deviation module



In Maps, a distinction is made between types of anchors:

  • If the anchor line has an anchor, this will be shown with an anchor in the map
  • If the anchor line has a rock pin, this will be shown with a rock pin in the map



Work orders:

  • External users can view maps of the site
    • NOTE! Applies only to offshore locations that have the map function
    • External resources will be able to:
      • add event on mooring
      • add event to nets
      • add event on cages
  • It is possible to export the list of work orders to Excel
  • On ‘Add’:
    • Procedures and documents
      • New function
      • It is possible to attach procedures:
        • Upload files
        • References from a Quality Book
        • Links



Quality ‘Book’:

This version includes the ability to create a ‘copy’ of a page in the Quality Book.

NOTE! Only those with the roles ‘Quality Manager’ and ‘Quality Staff’ can edit pages in the Quality book.

  • When copying, you must first enter ‘Page title’ in a small dialog before the page is created
  • It goes as ‘default’ below the page it was copied from
  • The new page opens in edit mode
  • Text and references / attachments are copied



  • For Offshore locations that have the map function:
    • In the map, you can now add deviations on Cages, Nets, Anchor Lines, Grid, Buoy/Steelplate and Bridles
    • For those who do not have ‘Quality Deviation’ this is not possible. These only have deviations related to inspections
  • Deviations that are registered in inspections:
    • The ‘Details’ field in the deviation now shows:
      • Which checklist the deviation came from
      • Item in the checklist



Certificate notification:

Color codes have been added to notify certificates:

  • Expired -> red
  • 1 month. -> orange
  • 3 months -> yellow
  • 6 months -> blue


Operating equipment:

  • You can now change the order of checklist items inside the checklist templates
  • The date and time are entered when the checklists have been completed and when a deviation has been registered in Aquacom.
  • When you create a new inspection, a new function has been added where you can enter ‘estimated time spent on performing the inspection’
    • It is optional if you want to register time use when performing inspections
  • There is now an overview to see ‘all locations / locations in the relevant module’ – with a check mark on those who use the checklist
    • The purpose is that you can easily see if you have forgotten to set up a checklist at a locality.
    • Go to Menu -> Administration -> Checklist templates> Click on ‘In use in number of locations’, a new window will open ‘The template is in use at the following locations’


  • Updates and fixes on translation

Contact Aquacom Support for a presentation of new features or if there are any questions about the update.

support@aquacom.no / +47 474 84 803