Aquacom update for May 2020

Offshore module


  • More details on nets
  • Better overview of service and status
  • Mørenot nets can no longer be edited or created in Aquacom, this is now done by a Mørenot Service Station. Therefore, contact a service station if you find incorrect information on a net in Aquacom.
  • Button for putting net to the sea (‘Drag and drop’ still works, but with slightly smaller area to drag)
  • Notepads can now be sent to the service station from the warehouse itself.


Service Station:

  • New feature: Preferred service station
  • A manager can now create areas in Menu -> Administration -> Areas. Subsequently, sites can be located under an area. For each area you choose the preferred service station. This will then be preselected when sending nets for service
  • Contact Aquacom Support to add service stations or companies



  • Display of affiliation for Vessel and Barge (offshore connection)
  • If an offshore location has a barge associated with it, the barge tab will be hidden
  • List of users who have access to the site

Planner module

  • Resources can be linked to a vessel. Through resource overview you can now link the resource to existing vessels under the Vessel module. When this is done, all work orders assigned to the vessel will be displayed in the vessel’s calendar.