Aquacom planner launch at Aqua Nor 2017

Official launch August 16`th 10.00 am at the conference hall at the stadion (before the entrance to the exhibition)

Aquacom Planner is the latest subsidiary in the Aquacom family. Planning of fish famring operations can be challenging – especially on exposed sites. The planner module are equipped with 7-10 days wave forecast that gives an opportunity to plan the operations based on preset wind and wave criteria for the specific operation. The user can then easily move the planned operation to a time with environmental conditions that is suitable for the operation. The wave calculations are accurate to 100x100m grid.
The planner module can also be set up with statistic wave data for an actual fish farm site. This gives an opportunity to plan a complete production cycle based on statistical wave data. This is also useful for evaluation of future potential new sites.
Basis for the planner module is a 2 year Norwegian research project that aims to solve various challenges regarding running of exposed fish farm locations.