Update January 2021


The next update is scheduled January 28-29, 2021

  • Dashboard
  • Project
    • Due date
  • Work order
    • Connect work orders for multiple facilities
    • Work order created from deviations
    • WO overview
  • Operating equipment
    • Hourly consumption requirements
    • Checklists and Intro text
    • Open closed inspection
    • Disposal
    • New field for ID
  • General Inspection on all modules
  • Documents and Certificates
    • Expiration date on documents
    • Color codes
  • Deviation
    • Special product as equipment selection
  • Quality Book
    • Symbols
    • Versions
  • Storage
    • Change in filtering
  • Infobox-Concept
  • Various changes and corrections


Dashboard – Adjustment of the top line:

  • Display options ‘Tasks and Localities‘, ‘Offshore Barge and Vessels‘ and ‘Statistics and Analysis’ will be moved to the left of the top line and the module filtering will be moved to the right. The purpose of the change is to make it easier to tell them apart


Work order:

Connect work orders for multiple facilities/equipment:

  • It will be possible to copy a work order to many localities
    • New add button: ‘Send to more localities’
    • Purpose is to able to send out joint tasks in a work order to several localities at the same time


Work order created from deviations

  • If a work order is created from a deviation with equipment registered, the equipment will be included in the work order


WO overview:

  • In the overview of all work orders the equipment that the WO is connected to is more readable.


 Operating equipment:

Hourly consumption requirements:

  • It will now be possible to choose that this registration becomes mandatory when performing inspections
    • It will then not be possible to ‘Sign and lock’ an inspection until an hour count is registered
  • Change will apply to all inspections of operating equipment for companies that choose this solution


Checklist and intro text:

  • An ‘intro text’ box will be added when a creator or edits a template for operating equipment inspection
    • You can choose whether to display the intro text
      • Intro text will then be displayed both in the inspection and in the pdf export


Open performed inspection:

  • Both ‘Middle manager’ and ‘Superuser’ will be able to ‘unlock inspection’ to make changes.
    • Earlier only ‘Leader ‘had the option to ‘unlock’ inspection



  • Earlier inspection of equipment that had been discarded was still showing in the calendar of the locality. We change this so that:
    • user is notified that active types of inspection must be removed from the calendar before the equipment can be disposed of
    • It is not allowed to discard equipment until the types of inspections have been removed from the calendar or have been deleted


New Field:

  • ID field is added when creating new operating equipment
    • The ID field will also appear on the operating equipment overview page


General Inspection:

  • Can now perform general inspections on all modules
  • This means that you can add inspections to sites and vessels without having to link it to an equipment.
  • This is similar what we call “Offshore inspection” on the Offshore module.

Documents and certificates:

  • On documents tab you can now set expiring dates to documents
  • This will also show in the certificates overview
  • The color codes on certificates and mooring components are slightly adjusted. Move the mouse pointer over the color and text/status will appear



  • Special product may be selected as an ‘equipment choice’ on deviations (offshore inspection)
  • Attachments added to deviations in an inspection are now visible in the overview under the Deviations tab
    • This also applies to those who do not have the Quality module


Quality Book:

  • A set of standard symbols will be added to the Editor in quality book
    • In the first place, the most common HSE symbols are included
    • The symbols are taken from the ISO 7010 standard
  • An improvement is made when a reader in the Quality book ‘remembers‘ how the menu was opened/closed from the last time one was inside the book
  • Previous revisions of a page, and the content, will now appear
    • Quality manager and Quality employee has access to look at an audit and now gets a ‘preview of the page’


Storage Module:

  • Storage Module→ Some changes are made to ‘add/change’ filtering for ‘nets’ and ‘mooring components’
    • Filter for ‘locality’ is replaced with ‘Filter Store’
    • Filter for ‘Select locality’ replaced with ‘Last location’


Info box-Concept:

  • In the upcoming version, you may notice question marks in the speech bubble
    • This is an info box concept that can be used to provide a little more information about certain fields in the Aquacom system


Various changes and correction:

  • Document Library→ Adjustments are made by filtering, including added: ‘Filter by Group System’
  • Map→ Maps will now be automatically updated when changes are done to name or numeration
  • (Anchor line, Grid, Buoy, Bridles, Mooring)
    • Map item title/name changes accordingly to linked component
  • Mooring components→ All changes and edits made on components is now added to the history log.
  • Barge → Under the Barge tab, attachments are added to the top line, and one will see how many attachments are attached to the current barge.


Contact Aquacom Support for presenting new features or if there are questions for the update.

support@aquacom.no / +47 474 84 803