Update for October

  • Disposal:
    • Last month we introduced the possibility of disposal of nets and operating equipment.
      • Now it will also be possible to discard mooring components.
      • Discarded components disappear from the overview, but can be found again in a separate overview on Menu -> Offshore -> Discarded Components


  • Add equipment to pens 
    • You can now deploy operating equipment and special products to pens for better overview and tracking of equipment.


  • Hourly maintenance on operating equipment:
    • Some changes have been made when a new inspection for hourly maintenance has been made on operating equipment.
      • When you add a new hourly maintenance you can now select the first intervall for the inspection.


  • Operating equipment opens in reading mode:
    • Until now, it has been the case that when you enter an operating equipment you can edit on it right away.
      • We are changing this so that all operating equipment now has reading mode.
      • To edit on an operating equipment, click “Edit equipment”.


 Contact Aquacom Support for presenting new features or if you have any questions.  

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