Aquacom Planner. The planning tool for fishfarmers

Aquacom have in August 2019 launched a new planning tool for the fishfarming industry.

The new tool will help with planning of workorders, operations and larger projects on hatcheries, onshore sites, sea farms, vessels and in the whole company.

Aquacom Planner is not only for the technical tasks but can be used to give any personnel or resource a task that they are responsible for to conduct.
No tasks are too small or to heavy to be planned in Aquacom Planner.

Aquacom Planner can also give the user a detailed wave, wind and current forecast for the exact GPS position of the site. The forecast can also give alerts if an operation is planned during heavy weather.

A very useful part of Aquacom Planner is to plan operations like delicing or delivery of fish.
The operations are set up after a customer’s template with all the tasks, orders, documentation, procedures and resources. Everyone involved will know their tasks and when to perform them. The responsible for the operation will have a total overview of who is involved, what resources and equipment they need. The planning tool will also be the place where all the information is sent, either on emails, text message or directly in the planning tool.

The customer will after a while get a lot of information and data to assure that the operations are done as effective as possible.

Aquacom Planner could be used as a standalone tool but for the full benefits it´s best integrated in the modules for sea farms, vessels or onshore sites.

The users will see their task trough their Dashboard and on the agenda/calendar for the sites.

To see the full potential of Aquacom Planner or Aquacom in general feel free to contact us for a skype presentation or a meeting.