Update in February


  • Quality Book
    • Auto storage
  • Deviation
    • Filtering and new column in the deviation overview
  • Sites/Map
    • Separate Barge and Site in maps
    • Color codes added to the interactive map
  • Cages and Nets
    • Deploy in sea date
    • Editing detail
    • History
    • Disposal
  • Set as fallow
    • Controlled by the customer
    • New inspection model for offshore inspection
  • Operating Equipment
    • Excel export
  • Reports
  • Crew list


Read more about the points below.

The update is scheduled for March 1.


Quality Book:

  • Text is now automatically saved when working in Quality Book.



  • For those who do not have Quality module, a new column ‘Registered by’ and filtering option for employees has now been added to the deviation overview.



  • You can now filter on Barge- and Site mooring in the map.
  • Certificates
    • The map now shows with color codes on the equipment whether the certificate has expired or the expiration date is approaching.
      • Red        > Has expired.
      • Orange  > 1 month to expiration.
      • Yellow   > 3 month to expiration.
      • Blue       > 6 month to expiration.


Cages and Nets:

  • Cage – ‘Deploy in sea’ functionality.
  • Edit cage
    • Editing / changing cages is now similar as editing nets from net library.
  • History
    • Better logging of the history when cages and nets are moved.
    • New history button added so you can see the changes on a pen, not only cage and net.
  • Discard of Cages
    • Cages can now be discarded in the same way as for nets.


Set as fallow:
  • Following the change of the new model for ‘Offshore Inspection’
    • The customer can now both start and stop Offhore inspections on the new maintenance model.
    • The customer can set an Offshore location as ‘Set as follow’ that autmatically starts the “Fallow inspections”.
      • Aquacom support assist in converting to the new model for offshore inspection so that the new functions can be used.


  • The new maintenance for offshore inspections is set up in the same way as for operation equipment.
  • All inspection types are also now tagged with the status ‘Operative’, ‘Set as follow’ or ‘Manual’.
    • When the manager changes the operating status on a site from ‘Operative’ to ‘Set as follow’ a dialog box appears.
      • The dialog lists all inspection types with the status ‘Set as follow’ and a date field where the user must enter the first  date of the inspection.
      • All inspection types with the tag ‘Set as follow’ then become ‘active’ in the calendar
      • All inspection types with the tag ‘Operative’ are then set ‘inactive’ in the calendar.
  • The list of sites now shows which offshore site has been ‘Set as follow’.
Operating Equipment:
  • When exporting to Excel under ‘Performed Inspections’ of operating equipment all the fields and information about the operating equipment will be included in the Excel.



  • We are currently working on setting up more export options and reports from the various overviews in the system.
  • We are also testing a new report function from the dashboard for general reports
  • Aquacom Support can set up tailor-made reports.

Crew list:

  • You can now add or edit the age of personell to the crew list.
  • Crew list is used on the boats under Vessel module to log crews who muster on and off the vessel



Contact Aquacom Support for presenting new features or if there are questions for the update.

support@aquacom.no / +47 474 84 803