Update for September

Main points of the update: 


  • Dashboard 
  • Planner 
  • Improvements to the Nets Overview 
  • Specialty products 
  • Disposal 
  • Map 
  • App 
  • Area 
  • Users 



  • Ability to specify default view for dashboard  



  • You can create a new project based on a work order  
    • Work order: Adjustment on what can be edited by the different roles:  
      • Manager: Can edit everything. 
      • Area Manager can edit:
        • Resources, participants, task list, etc. And confirm the order as done 
      • Area Manager cannot edit:   
        • Add equipment 
        • Delete or move the order to another locality 
      • Standard/External user: 
        • Slightly fewer privileges  
        • Not possible to add equipment to work order, delete or move the work order to another location or project 
      • Users that add the work order have all access
  • The work order list has been given calendar view, as well as several filtering options 


 Improvements to the Nets Overview: 

  • Faster loading, as well as pagination (page number) 
  • More filtering options 
    • Dimension class 
    • Fish size 
    • Impregnating 
    • Hs 
    • Vc 


Specialty products: 

  • From this version, it becomes possible to register special products such as: 
    • Sea Lice Net, cleansing fish hide Etc.  
      • You can also register such products as additional equipment or operating equipment in Aquacom, but we now offer this option primarily for those of our customers who have special products on service at Mørenot service stations. 
        • As with nets, these will be synchronized between Aquacom and Mørenot’s internal system, so that you always have up-to-date service information on the product. 



  • You can now mark operating equipment as discarded.  
  • Nets can also be discarded. This is done from a service or from inventory.  
    • A net cannot be discarded while still in sea in Aquacom. 
    • You first must send the net to a storage or a service station


  • Updated calendar improvement in the app 
    • Added the option to filter work orders and inspections 



  • If a company has many localities/sites, it may be useful to post them under their own areas. 



  • At Menu -> Administration -> Users -> a log ‘history’ has been added 
    • The history shows who has changed the information on users. 



Contact Aquacom Support for presenting new features or if you have any questions. 

support@aquacom.no / +47 474 84 80